This handbook is about social responsibility (SR) of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). What can you do as an entrepreneur to do business in a sustainable way? Is it feasible or only possible for large corporations?

Reference quotes

The basis for this (ISO 26000) SME handbook was created in 2012 in The Netherlands with the multi stakeholder participation of: The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Association SME Netherlands (MKB-Nederland), CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland), FNV Labour Union and ISO National Standards Body NEN.


"It is important that SMEs get practical tools, like this step-by-step plan"
Former Chairman ISO 26000 Working Group and PPO-SAG, Jorge Cajazeira
"ISO 26000 gives substance to the ISO and NEN philosophy of ‘Standards making the world a better place'"
Former General Director, NEN (ISO Netherlands), Piet-Hein Daverveldt
"Sustainability is no longer a side issue, but pure strategy"
Business woman 2012 and Director, Zuidweg Partners, Jacqueline Zuidweg


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