This handbook is about social responsibility (SR) of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). What can you do as an entrepreneur to do business in a sustainable way? Is it feasible or only possible for large corporations?

Company type: Printing company

Zierikzee, Netherlands

Short description of the company size and business

LNO is specialised in offset and digital printing and mainly aims at business users, (semi-) government and advertising agencies. LNO prints, designs, controls and manages the process of graphic media for every desired circulation. LNO, located in Zierikzee, is active in the Randstad and the south west of the Netherlands and has eighteen employees.

Explanation by the CEO 'why social responsibility and the use of ISO 26000 is important

CEO Wicher Deddens: LNO willingly supports her relationships in its efforts to maintain and improve the environment. We offer our customers a chance to analyse the package of prints together and provide concrete advice about purchasing sustainable prints.
The economic crisis naturally impacts the creative industry, causing overcapacity and puts pressure on prices. However, at LNO we also see new opportunities and challenges!
For LNO, social responsibility is a continuous process that we wish to integrate in all of our company processes. We accept responsibility for our company’s impacts on the environment, internal and external social aspects and work on continuity and a fair division of profit within the chain. We see ISO 26000 as a strong backbone to make our SR policy tangible.

Benefits of operating social responsible

- We are FSC and ISO14001 certified and use 100% green energy. We operate a strict waste separation policy. We print with reduced alcohol levels and use environmentally friendly materials, such as chemical-free offset plates.
- Recently, LNO invested in a new computer-to-plate system and workflow. The advantages are vast: Immediately after illuminating, the plate is print-ready. No developer machine is required anymore and there is no storage and discharge of chemicals or polluted rinse water. We don’t dispose anything in the sewers anymore!
- Health and good working conditions are continuously emphasised at LNO. For example through ARBO/RI&E certification and participation in the Graphic Media attendance scheme. Good health leads to continuity which is better for everyone.
- It can be difficult to quantify financial savings, but don’t discount qualitative improvements. From the opposite perspective: If the better solution costs you very little to nothing, why not go for it?!

Quote of CEO

'ISO 26000 can positively contribute to the reputation of the graphics branch.'

Quote of stakeholder

'Where supplier and customer work together on sustainable improvements, their relationship has more depth.' Rob van Wanrooy, Sales & Marketing manager, Manroland Benelux

Tips in general

- Seek concrete improvements of sustainable acquirements. Once initiated, colleagues, distributors and customers will automatically gain more enthusiasm. The path leading up to the goal is just as important as the final result.
- Avoid green washing by just flaunting your FSC certificates. Also scrutinise the process’ soundness and accountability.
- Determine the SR issues for your SR-policies and focus on them. Humble and concrete actions rather than an unpractical, ambiguous story.

Tips for branche / sector

- The infrastructure of the management is more important than the product. Specific knowledge of process innovation is required to gain optimal advantage of the co-operation of solutions. Think graphic automation, linking databases for publications, utilising standards (PDF, JDF). The whole is literally more than the sum of parts!
- In contrast to traditional plates, process-free offset plates don’t require chemical treatment. Even rinsing is unnecessary. Immediately after illuminating, the plate is print-ready. The advantages are obvious: No longer is there a need to invest in developer machines, the company needs less space, no additional expenses are required for purchase, storage and discharge and there is no polluted rinse water.
- Don’t work alone, but combine efforts. LNO is part of Pica Media Partners, a network of independent Graphic Media companies. In this network, over thirty Graphic Media companies bundle their efforts through collective procurement, research and development, sales and marketing. That way, partners share more and more sustainable knowledge, specific features and capacities.

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