This handbook is about social responsibility (SR) of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). What can you do as an entrepreneur to do business in a sustainable way? Is it feasible or only possible for large corporations?


entech products co., ltd. / manufacturing

samutsakorn, Thailand

served with interested partied's satisfaction especially owner and regulator...

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Printing company

Zierikzee, Netherlands

CEO Wicher Deddens: LNO willingly supports her relationships in its efforts to maintain and improve the environment. We offer our customers a chance to analyse the package of prints together and provide concrete advice about purchasing sustainable prints. The economic...

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Heerenveen, Netherlands

Director, Tjitte de Wolff: We came into contact with ISO 26000 via the Frontrunner project sustainability. We saw this project as a chance to broaden our SR policy and profile ourselves as a more sustainable business. Our SR performance has...

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Steel drilling and sawing

Sneek, Netherlands

It isn’t just about energy, but also about how you treat your employees. For example, we work with a physiotherapist that supports our employees in finding a proper working posture and recognises complaints early on. It’s also about having a...

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Building contractor

Hardenberg, Netherlands

We look at the complete lifecycle of a home or building as much as possible. It is important to take into account the energy-, maintenance-, demolition and recycling costs from the start of the design process. This means sustainable profit...

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