This handbook is about social responsibility (SR) of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). What can you do as an entrepreneur to do business in a sustainable way? Is it feasible or only possible for large corporations?


The authors Hans Kröder and Jaap de Vries have unique expertise and experience with the integrated approach of sustainable enterprising according to the guidance of ISO 26000.

Hans Kröder

Hans Kröder is International Sustainability Expert. He was directly involved at the original drafting of the ISO 26000 standard. He was global  representative of one of the six stakeholder groups, named: Service Support Research and Others (SSRO). In November 2011 he published an ISO 26000 best practice book for medium and large organizations: “The implementation of Social Responsibility, Cases and tools for ISO 26000”. Since 2009 Hans Kröder has guided more than 60 organizations (national and international) in 25 branches with the application of ISO 26000. Since October 2018 he is Vice Chair of the ISO 26000 Stakeholders Global Network.

"This step-by-step plan will give you as business entrepreneur clarity, continuity and sustainable profit"



Jaap de Vries

Jaap de Vries is Senior Advisor sustainability and strategy at DGMR Engineering Consultancy and Manager in Drachten. He is the initiator of the CSR Front Runner projects in the Province Friesland in The Netherlands. Many SMEs, governments and other organizations have become involved. From 2008 till 2010 Jaap developed the DuOn sustainability scan, coherently utilising ISO 26000.

"Our society is is more clearly stating her demands and expectations regarding the impacts of our business towards people, environment and economy"


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